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Alberta is Canada's preeminent source of petroleum, with the largest deposits of natural gas and oil, including the oil sands. With such a significant commercial industry, disputes amongst corporate players can be quite substantive.

The Oil and Gas Dispute Resolution practice of Neufeld Legal P.C. provides experienced business dispute counsel to corporate clients engaged in the petroleum industry, from negotiaton support to mediation and arbitration representation to trial litigation services. As such, we are dealing with exploration and production companies; drillers; pipelines; producers; plant operators and processors; oilfield service companies; landowners; financial interests, both debt and equity; and a range of other corporate interests engaged in the oil patch.

The spectrum of our law firm's capacity in the resolution of oil & gas disputes (contractual diputes and business torts) includes:

Upstream Oil & Gas Disputes

Joint Venture Disputes

Internal Corporate and Shareholder Issues

Faulty Drilling and Exploration Problems

Plant Operator Claims and Liabilities

Construction and Project Disputes

Joint Operating Agreement Disputes

Catastrophic Event Litigation (Explosions / Fires)

Wellhead Damage and Reservoir Contamination Claims

Regulatory and Governmental Issues

Downstream Oil & Gas Disputes

Pipeline Damage, Rupturing and Spillage

Trucking, Heavy Equipment and Transportation Crashes

Storage Issues and Leakage

International Oil & Gas Disputes

Foreign Joint Venture Dispute

Corporate Acquisition and Divestiture Problems

Oil and Gas Investor Fraud

Property-Related Disputes

Property Owner Land Title Disputes

Property Owner Royalty Matters

Surface Damage and Related Property Disputes

Right of Ingress versus Lease Trespass Claims

Contamination and Environmental Damage

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For more information as to our law firm's dispute resolution services pertaining to the oil and gas sector or to schedule an appointment, contact our law firm at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.


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